i just went to a freshers fair with my roommate and omg i got like a free maze runner and gotg poster and like a shit ton of mugs. I also got free pizza!!! 

so i bought tickets to see the guy that plays hodor dj at my university tomorrow, and i’m like the only person i know who is going and i am so fucking worried and nervous it is unbelievable. This is why i don’t like making spur of the moment decisions!!!

I move to university tomorrow and i am not prepared!!

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A Historic Love // Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor

Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, was Henry VIII’s closest friend. Brandon’s father was Henry VII’s standard-bearer at the Battle of Bosworth Field and died defending the future king. Henry VII repaid his loyalty by educating young Charles with his own children, and from the beginning Charles and the future Henry VIII were devoted friends. But their friendship was sorely tested when Brandon secretly married Henry’s favorite sister, the beautiful Princess Mary Tudor.

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Clint “I’m SORRY guys my phone was on silent for three years" Barton

On a special ops mission!!! (x)